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The most trusted source on Fiji welcomes Serah Pettigrew as Managing Editor is handing the reigns of the website to a younger generation.

As  of October 1, Serah Pettigrew of Wellington, New Zealand will take over as Managing Editor. I plan to remain on board as publisher and will continue to contribute to the site but Serah will have a free hand to manage the site as she sees fit. 

She will continue to champion the website's tradition of providing the most authentic coverage of Fiji possible. 

Her new duties with will be to update the existing, and add new content on Fiji’s burgeoning tourism and cultural scene. This will include new accommodations, restaurants and other attractions. She also has a keen eye for fashion, dance, film and all things cultural.

Serah is a kai Viti—a local girl who understands Fiji through and through. Her job is to continue to expand our coverage of Fiji from a Fijian point of view.  She will continue to champion the website's tradition of providing the most authentic coverage of Fiji possible. 

Serah is eminently qualified to do this. She is of European and Fijian descent and describes herself as a ‘tropical fruit salad’, which is what kai loma, Fijiians of mixed race, often do.

She has a real international background that includes early years of schooling in New Zealand and the last years of high school in Hawaii on the Garden of Kauai. Her teen years were split between Hawaii, the US mainland and Fiji. 

She has also worked as a professional model.

Serah is the mother of two boys and a member of her youngest son’s school Board of Trustees. Her board duties entail the responsibility of setting the school’s strategic direction. She consults with parents, staff and students, ensuring that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students.

One of her favorite hobbies is riding a Harley Davidson and exploring the back roads of New Zealand with her partner. She loves travel and I suspect will be spending more time in Fiji in the near future, checking out new properties, restaurants and places of interest.

I know she’ll do splendidly in her position and I look forward to working closely with her into the future.

Top Photo: Present day Serah Pettigrew

Bottom Photo: A younger Serah modeling in Fiji

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