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On Fiji Islands -- The Spirits's Way-- Chapter 3.34

Making camp involved rolling out our mats on the springy tangle of vines and long grass, putting the bedding on them, and hoping there would be no rain. We decided not to risk a fire, and dined on sardines and pilot biscuits washed down with water.…


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On Fiji Islands -- Suva-- Chapter 2.16

The drua had two hulls of unequal size, over which was laid a deck equipped with a collapsible house. The mast, stepped in the middle of the deck, carried a lateen sail of pandanus mat. Steering was done by trailing oars of vesi wood up to twenty feet in length. The largest canoe seen by Thomas Williams (c. 1850) had the following dimensions: length of main hull, 118 feet; deck, 50 feet by 24; mast, 68 feet high with 90-foot yards. She…


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