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During our recent trip to Fiji Mika and I noticed a lot of property for sale. Prices are at their lowest point in many years. We couldn't help but wonder, is now a good time to buy?

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You've got a point Dan. Undoubtedly prices are depressed thanks to the coup and perceived instability. Not to sound like a vulture but locals need the money and you may be able to find a bargain. Word to the wise--be very careful. There's an excellent section in Fijiguide about buying real estate. Anybody considering a purchase should read it. Caveat emptor but...keep your eyes open for a nice piece of land!
Vinaka for your insights Nanise. The government and the mataqali should certainly look out for Fijians and the people of Tuvalu before worrying about making new land available for sale to foreigners. I was referring to the many plots we saw already for sale. We understand the native trust, crown and freehold land situation. We have a similar arrangement in Hawaii.

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