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Your passion for Fiji never ceases to amaze me. Once again you must have devoted so much time and energy to this site. Can you update us on the status of the political situation in Fiji? I have heard nothing except what Mr. Fiji told me last July which was not good. I feel for the people of Fiji, they deserve so much better than what they are being forced to live through.
I pray that things get better. BTW, it was very nice to hear from you.

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Bula've stuck with me through thick and thin. I am not the best person to update you on the political honesty. I think Mr. Fiji is our best bet. I will email him. He needs to know about the new site. All the best to you. HOpe you feel better soon.

Hi Diane - I'm certainly no expert on Fiji's politics, but we did ask this question of everyone we interviewed. The answer seems to be much grayer than what you read in mainstream media (BBC, CNN, etc.) Most people seem to agree military coups are a bad thing, but at the same time the previous government and Fiji's democratic system in general had a lot of serious problems. For example, you could only vote for someone of your own race. If you are, for example, Chinese, you are completely politically inert.

Despite all his defects, Bainimarama has put forward some good ideas such as ending race based voting (which, as an ethnic Fijian, is against his own self interest.) He has also greatly reduced the size of Fiji's severely bloated government. If he really does return the country to democracy in 2014, he may leave the system in better shape than he found it. Whether or not the ends justify the means is another question. My point being, it isn't strictly a case of the good and holy democratic government vs. the evil military dictator. Its much more complicated.

Another important thing for people to understand is that the current political situation is a problem for Fijians, but it really doesn't affect visitors in any way. We never felt threatened by the police or military during our stay. In fact, they greeted us warmly with "Bula!" at every opportunity.

Greatful 2 b hia 2 Rob;great work.

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