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In case you hadn't heard, Ratu Sukuna Day and the National Youth Day have been officially dropped as public holidays in Fiji. Prime Minister Bainimarama noted that Fiji already has a high number of public holidays and "by reducing the number of public holidays we as a nation will be, amongst other things, more focused on productivity and increased output." A public holiday can cost a country millions of dollars in lost productivity, something Fiji cannot afford. For visitors, holidays like bureaucratic Ratu Sukuna Day and the National Youth Day are just a nuisance and I'm not at all sorry to see them go.

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Bula David,

That move doesn't surprise me. The PM is very popular with the business community near as I can tell. He recently allowed (or his minister of Tourism allowed) drinking establishments that cater to tourists to operate into the wee hours. The hotels were very happy about that. BTW, I'm in Fiji...more blogging to come soon.
Business owners in Fiji are DELIGHTED!! It also seems that "Easter Saturday" has quietly disappeared as a Public Holiday. At least it's been omitted from the lists of holidays published in the papers & mentioned on TV....let's hope it's gone as well!

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